We develop web and mobile open source applications.

We firmly believe that the unprecedented advancement of open source software technologies will contribute to change major business and industries.

And, we intend to contribute to this transformation.

Our Vision

We strongly believe that the unprecedented advancement of open source software technologies will contribute to change major business and industries. By reducing the barriers to entry, the industries will be disrupted by the open source software.

At Mobilabs, we intend to contribute, with modesty, to this revolution. Our aim is to develop an expertise on open source technologies through the development of software solutions targeting mobility.

The open source technologies we rely on for developing our solutions are Linux, Node.js, Python and Ruby on the server side. And HTML5, CSS3, Backbonejs and Javascript on the frond-end side.

Our Offer


SpineOS is our core technology platform. It is built on open source proven technologies, operates on low-resources network infrastructures and large scale cloud platforms.

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Kuero is our mini Heroku Paas built on top of SpineOS. It provides services to push and run, without almost any efforts, web services that operate on separate light containers.

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Wapi is a slim, fast and minimal RESTful API framework built on top of Node.js and ExpressJS. It is delivered as a library or a virtual server built on top of SpineOS.

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Lan Marshal

Lan Marshal is a light, powerful virtual appliance for faster and easier detection of rogue wireless devices on your local area network.

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Pixi is a collection of SVG Charts written in pure Javascript with no dependencies.

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About Us

Mobilabs is an IT company developing its expertise on web and mobile open source solutions.

Headquartered near Paris, France, Artelsys is an innovative IP and new product development company using open source proven technologies to delivering seamless, networks platforms leveraging mobility and decreasing cloud constraints.

Mobilabs was created in 2014. The aim was to regroup in one entity all the resources in charge of developing web and mobile open source applications for our customers.

Every day, Mobilabs teams seek to invent secure, collaborative an network centric digital solutions with a unique combination of web and mobile development excellence and certified quality driven processes.

Give us a call to talk about how our technologies can help you leverage your mobility solutions and get to market faster at a fraction of the development cost.

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